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Plural Possessives If you have added an s to make a word plural (for example, cat ⇒ cats), adding 's will sound ridiculous (cats's). Plural Possessive Nouns When a plural noun ends with an "s," simply add an apostrophe to make it possessive. The men’s curling match will take place at 2:00, and the women’s will take place at 5:00. Plural Possessive Nouns Possessives are used to show ownership. Here are examples of plural possessive nouns:Americans' ideals Babies' shoes Cabbages' nutrition Donors' cards Eggs A possessive noun is a noun that shows ownership (or possession) by adding 's or just ' to the end. The singular possessive pronouns are mine, yours, his, hers, and its. A possessive noun shows that the noun has something (e.g., a cat's collar, woman's coat, planet's surface). A plural noun that ends in a letter other than s can be made possessive by adding ’s to the end of the word. The singular possessive form of the noun story is story's.The plural form of the noun story is stories. Remember that if a plural noun does not end in “s Definition: Possessive nouns show ownership.Possessive comes from the same root as possession, something you own. Singular Possessives Add 's to singular words to show possession. • They DO NOT determine the number of the verb (Singular/Plural) • My neighbors are Pedro and Gonzalo 12. Know what is Possessive Noun, Definition, Types, Examples, Exercises, Use of Possessive Noun and Basic Rules for getting Possessive Noun. While reading, kids learn where apostrophes are placed in singular and plural possessive … Natalia claims ownership of items with a single stroke of her magic marker in this silly story. To make the possessive of a plural noun ending in “s,” you just add an apostrophe to the end of the word. Possessive Adjectives • They ALWAYS go before the noun (possession): • My neighbor, his bosses, Their classmate.

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