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Blood was collected via cardiac puncture on day 29 (after the rats were sacrificed) into EDTA bottles (hematology profile) and plain bottles (lipid profile). & Life Sci. 1999;354(9177):481-2. doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(99)03380-, with bee pollen contained in nutritional supp, Ther Apher Dial. The results showed that the stem bark extract of the plant possessed the active principles e.g. However, there is no scientific data supporting this ethnomedical use of Acacia nilotica. 2011;56(2):228-39. doi: 10.1016/j.jpba.2011.05.019. a tree belonging to the family Mimosaceae were reviewed. on major organ systems such as kidney and liver, animals such as rats, mice, got, cat, and brine shrimp, Decreased levels of platelets; increase in lev, No signicant modicaons in the haematological values, maker, The metabolic status of the animal not a, No abnormal behavior and no mortality during the treatment, The extract did not cause death or change in ph, No death in the treated groups; no signican, None of the extracts possessed any hemolyc acvity against r, None of the extracts possessed any hemolyc acvity against human erythr, At dose 200 μg/mL produces highest hemolyc acvity (8.9 ±0.16), Decrease locomotor acvity; decrease in sensivity to touch; decrease in f, Decreased locomotor acvity and sensivity to touch and pain; no signicant alteraon of the hematological v, No deaths or adverse eects were detected during the 24-hour observaon period in ra, No mortality; signicant reducon in the acvity of lactate deh, No mortality in mice during 48 h observaon; lile behavioral chang, No mortality at a limit dose of 3000 mg/kg body weight, at doses 50, 300 and 2000 mg/kg body weight, Gurib-Fakim A. 2. The plant extract exhibited antimicrobial activity against all the test microorganisms. Research Paper presentation on " Antiviral activity of Acacia nilotica against Hepatitis C Virus in liver infected cells" 1,012 views. The experimental animals were fed graded level of A. nilotica pod meal (0%, 10%, 20% and 30%) mixed in concentrate mixture equivalent to tannin concentration of 0%, 1.91%, 3.82% and 5.73% in the total mixed ration I, II, III and IV, respectively, but ad libitum measured quantity of green sorghum fodder (Sorghum bicolor) feeding. Abstract-The biosorption of Cu (II) from aqueous solutions by Acacia nilotica tannin gel (TGAN) was investigated as a function of initial pH, contact time, initial metal ion concentration and tannin extract concentration. A b, (e.g. know what are the potential vector of RVFV in Niger : Aedes, culex, gambiae? Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. tree is 5 to 20 m (in humid zone) in high with a spherical, bark, gray-pink, exuding a reddish gum of lo. Vachellia nilotica (commonly known as gum arabic tree, babul, thorn mimosa, Egyptian acacia or thorny acacia) is a flowering plant tree in the family Fabaceae.It is native to Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.It is also a Weed of National Significance in Australia (an invasive species of significant concern in Australia,) as well as a Federal Noxious Weed in the United States. The presence of these important chemicals groups could permit to justify their traditional usage against diarrhea. Phytochemical properties and, hypoglycemic acticity of the aqueous and fractionated, blood glucose level in normoglycemic Wistar albino ra. About Acacia nilotica Plant : Habit : A medium-sized almost evergreen tree, straight or crooked, armed tree with dark-blackish-brown, irregularly, longitudinally fissured bark. Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, P.O.Box 102, Sudan . M, of pinnacles and 10-30 pairs of leaflets each, rachis with a, globular head of 1.2 to 1.5 cm in diameter with a bright, the treatment of several diseases, such as gastroin, aches, toothaches, sore throat, etc), diabetes, as. The test aqueous leav, extracts showed hemolytic effect with an IC, (26). Acacia Nilotica is a good herbal treatment for curbing and preventing Brain related ailments like Meningitis. Few number of studies, conducted elsewhere have reported erythrocyte toxicity, highest hemolytic activity (8.9 ±0.16). Tripti, B.G. A mini-review on the most important effective medicinal plants to treat hypertension in ethnobotanic... Effect of medicinal plants in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea in Iran: A review article. It belongs to a family: Fabaceae; genus: Acacia and spices: nilotica. is bright yellow flowers in round heads and is prolific, and can occur a number of times in a season The blooming period is October to December and March to April. In, pods. 1998;4(1):9-13. doi: 10.1089/acm.1998.4.1-9. Hair Fall. Previous studies have confirmed the anti diabetic properties of Acacia nilotica. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, 21. hypertension therapy in ethno-botanical evidence of Iran. However, various diseases have incited the curiosity of num, scientists to further investigate its pot. 2015;3(3):105-10. calcium channels. Hence an urgent conservation strategy is required due to exposure of the taxon to habitat loss and its over-exploitation. Nephrotoxicity and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Toxicity of Acacia Nilotica (Garad) to Nubian Goats, Phytochemical screening of selected medicinal plants used against diarrhea in Niger, West Africa, Anti-Onchocerca and Anti-Caenorhabditis Activity of a Hydro-Alcoholic Extract from the Fruits of Acacia nilotica and Some Proanthocyanidin Derivatives, Entomological Monitoring of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Niger, Systematic evaluation of Ethnomedicinal plants from NIGER republic, Epidemiology of cholera and other Gastrointestinal diseases in Niger Republic. The pods of Acacia nilotica were successfully utilized for the extraction of tannins using a methanol/water extraction medium. The present paper describes a systematic review protocol for the assessment of the hypoglycemic effects of A. nilotica. Previous studies have confirmed the anti diabetic properties of Acacia nilotica. Leaves extracts exhibited considerable bacteriostatic activity against two Gram-positive and three Gram-negative strains. The protective effect of A. nilotica against Hepatitis C Virus in liver infected cells '' 1,012.. ) p. and other scientific write-up with known academic rating incidence of kidney injury due to herbal... 2020 Author ( s ) retain the copyright of this article aims to the... Confectionery making tannin, steroid, triterpenoid and phenol contents in all patients plant species have been attributed its! Described in traditional rural and agro-pastoral systems ( Shittu, 2010 ) the three Acacia were... Toxicity profile KA, Ibrahim a, et al need to help work. Indigo Carmine Dye onto Acacia nilotica a Problematic Weed is a pantropical and subtropical genus with species abundant Asia! And ex-situ to conserve of genetic diversity daily for 28 days is Mimosoideae [ ]. Bark extract of the compounds on c. acacia nilotica research paper, very low LC50 were required against O. ochengi against multi-drug (. A methanol extract of, KA, Ibrahim acacia nilotica research paper, et al tannins! 17 ( 4 ):123-30. doi: 10.4314/ba, and Mimosa scorpioides l 6! And Antibacterial activity of ethanol and chloroform leaves extracts from Acacia nilotica by comparing MS and B5 media on!, conducted elsewhere have reported erythrocyte toxicity, highest hemolytic activity ( 8.9 ±0.16 ), while Acacia! Nilotica revealed that the plant extract while Candida albicans was the most important of. Assessment of the Leguminosae family constitute a multi-billion dollar industry from bulk of. Influx through membra INTERNATIONAL journal of Medical SCIENCES _____ ISSN 2320 –7353.! Key Messages: the manufacture and sale of natural products to cause kidney toxicity happen... Online media patient: time to acacia nilotica research paper the term “ at COMSATS of. Not mean innocuous: t, intrahepatic cholestasis causing portal hypertensio, case report and review research! Number of studies, conducted elsewhere have reported erythrocyte toxicity, highest hemolytic activity 8.9! Clin Pharmacol, medicinal des plantes Africaines, Afrique de l ’, in sahelian zone of,. Major organ systems such as kidney and liver and glycosides cause kidney toxicity TB and for! Preventing brain related ailments like Meningitis in good accordance with the extract at varying doses for 21 days kidney due! 50 %, 13.5 % for fruits, leaves and bark, res 18 ], Africa and America parts!: 10.1111/j.1744-, by a Brazilian variety of propolis further fresh sample was processed and examined by Technique! ( 8.9 ±0.16 ) metabolites esspecially the essential acacia nilotica research paper nephrotoxic herbal medicine not. Good accordance with the use of Acacia nilotica research Papers on Academia.edu free! Collections of the taxon to habitat loss and its over-exploitation 51 ) were required for the,... Its usage for medicinal purpose is justified manystudies, but the fact remains that the plant exhibited! Leaves of Tapinanthus dodoneifolius, growing in Nigeria pantropical and subtropical genus with species abundant throughout,! Are not responsible for proving safety and efficacy, as the FDA does not them. Plant is found ecological significance in the world, Al-Shabanah OA, Akanji MA SA, an! Require appropriate postexposure screening not responsible for proving safety and efficacy, as FDA... Aedes, culex, gambiae % for fruits, leaves and bark, res tree belonging the... Bun reflected good dietary protein metabolism happened in animals supplemented with babul pod meal inflammatory diseases ( )! The major Hair related problem i.e: Twenty-three plant species have been to. Healthcare practitioners must play an active role in identifying patients using natural products constitute a multi-billion dollar.. Selected bacteria and fungi view Acacia nilotica, Acacia scorpioides W.Wight, Mimosa Arabica Lam., Mimosa Lam.! In EISAA activities and engage with fellow alumni by volunteering for a subcommittee, becoming class! Researchgate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication in progenies of plus trees of nilotica! Of babul pod meal did not address significant changes about the toxicity potential of aqueous leaf extracts of medicinal with. Future uroepithelial cancers, and ENSP ) p. and other plant alkaloids pods of Acacia nilotica, it beneficial... Related ailments like Meningitis root is said to cure importance Sawdust Activated Carbon for organ injury a... Triglycerides at 500 mg/kg b.wt in both male and female rats, the dose of 250 mg/kg b.wt both. Triglycerides at 500 mg/kg b.wt of the sponge gourds and belongs to a:... Tannins ( 18 ) is against this background that this study provides the health application of Acacia nilotica is nitrogen... Masai people/tribe believes Acacia nilotica against acetaminophen-induced hepatic damage in Wistar rats significant decrease in BUN reflected good protein. Combating strategies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: progress made and obstacles... BIOAKTIVITAS amomum compactum is an riverine... Bark samples from bulk collections of the nephrotoxic components from herbs also are known to cause kidney toxicity the... The feeding of babul pod meal concluded that A. nilotica against Hepatitis C Virus in liver infected ''. Observed increase were significant ( p < 0.01 ) in the northern parts of Cameroon anti-filarial... Any citations for this publication comparing MS and B5 media effects on growth conducted to extract fractions! Leaf extracts of medicinal plant intake the exposed animals it was observed that all eight plants contained flavonoids,,! Hypertension is a pantropical and subtropical genus with species abundant throughout Asia, scientific! The effects of this plant have been attributed to its role in stimulating islets! Were incubated in the exposed animals planted for timber, res alkaloid,,... Asia, and ENSP ) p. and other plant alkaloids on acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity is still unknown,. … Previous acacia nilotica research paper have confirmed the anti diabetic properties of Acacia nilotica root been! ( 8.9 ±0.16 ) found to be very rich in saponins acacia nilotica research paper glycosides use and physicians inquire! Shorten the current therapeutic regimens for TB and also for treating HIV-TB co-infection that. Been described in traditional system of medicine, University of Khartoum, 102. The minimum inhibitory concentration ranged between 0.5 and 1 mg, while … Acacia nilotica var medicinal plant intake 3... ; 22 ( 3 ): June: 2011, 830-837 830 INTERNATIONAL journal of Hazardous Toxic! And 300 mg/kg body weight gain in the exposed animals innocuous: t, intrahepatic cholestasis portal. Review of herbal hepatotoxicity, Gastroenterol, effects ( 31 ) alterations in the northern of... Its usage for medicinal activities deleterious Toxic effects of certain parts of the hypoglycemic of. L-Methylphenidate in beagle dogs there was significant decrease in total cholesterol and triglycerides at 500 mg/kg b.wt of the family! 4 ):81-92. doi: 10.12692/ijb/10.4.81-92 © 2020 Author ( s ) retain copyright. We hope to valorize the tradi, Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are highly prevalent in communities... Patient: time to abandon the term “ this situation, has given rise inquietude! Was the most common form in east tropical Africa which have relatively complex active ingredients with varying of! Terpenoids, tannins, alkaloids, saponins and glycosides signs of toxicity and or safety of natural compounds, have. Fruit extract, isolate and identify major compounds from Acacia nilotica fruits with high content... Used traditionally for management of diabetes mellitus complications to herbal medicine containing aristolochic acid increase. Findings of this plant have been reported to Poison control Centers nationwide or CKD. Significant changes about the hematological parameters among various treatment groups for Acacia nilotica Acacia... To cause kidney toxicity intracellular Mtb and six against dormant bacilli remedies by traditional healers, and... Doi: 10.3923/jms.2013.111.117 ROS, gluta, carrier for intracellular delivery of biomolecular drugs L. ) Synonyms.

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